Help Someone Get Back on Their Feet

Help Someone Get Back on Their Feet

Giving people the time, love and resources they need

Walking For Red has helped me connect with many people, both in-person and online. Whenever I see someone struggling, I reach out to them. As a survivor of a traumatic brain injury that has left me permanently disabled, I know what it's like to struggle to find hope. Walking For Red strengthened my faith in human kindness. Now I'm trying to share that strength with others.

Help me continue to provide respite to those who've been knocked off balance financially, spiritually, mentally or emotionally.

Meeting the needs of people in distress

In my experience, most people need a chance to catch their breath now and then. If anyone wants my help, I give them all I can to help them get back on their feet. I firmly believe all people need...

A safe place to sleep: I offer a safe haven from the dangers of homelessness and abusive homes.
Healthy meals to eat: I provide holistic food to anyone who needs a meal.
A listening ear: I listen to everyone's story and offer genuine conversation.

My goal is to provide comfort in any way possible. And show integrity and love for others.