Animals Need Safe Places, Too

Animals Need Safe Places, Too

Helping all creatures, great and small

When I started Walking For Red, my goal was to help one dog. Since then, the movement has grown to include a variety of dogs and other animals.

Like any animal lover, I can't turn away an animal I've made a connection with. But, just like Red, many of the animals that come to me need more than just the love I provide. They need special care. If you want to help me give all pets in need a chance to live happy, healthy lives, please give love.

How does an animal join the sanctuary?

The animals I take in through Walking For Red aren't your typical pets. The process of providing a happy home involves...

  • Getting to know the animal: I take a few days to get acquainted with each new critter.
  • Taking them in: Once we know we're a good fit for one another, they become a permanent part of the family.
  • Teaching others: Animals are amazing teachers when it comes to unconditional love.

Walking For Red has given me the privilege to provide dogs, rabbits and other animals with a lifelong sanctuary.